Beach House


Beach House Zeke is a workaholic. But living for his job meant losing everything else. Turning a blind eye to his loved ones' feelings became his second nature. Dylan spent years waiting. He was starved for Zeke’s attention and hoped that one day things would be better. Then he finally snapped. [...]

My New Boss


My New Boss Luke is flashy, loud, and hard to miss. He’s the ultimate spoiled brat. Working in his uncle’s company, he can get away with anything, and he pushes the boundaries every chance he has. Alex is a rising star in the corporate world. He’s kind and helpful, and everyone [...]

Dorm Room


Pete is a nerdy, straight-A student with big plans and a bright future. College is almost over, and he will finally be able to break free. Evan is a jock, outgoing guy, and the life of the party. But everyone knows looks can be deceiving. Pete and Evan have been sharing a dorm room for the last two years, hiding secrets from each other and keeping up pretenses. Until one day, Pete comes back to their room earlier than expected. What happens when beds get stuck together? Is Pete really the inferior one in this equation? And will Evan, faced with a choice, be brave enough to give in to his desires?

Laundry Room


Laundry Room Marc is just an ordinary guy, working three jobs and living out his miserable life. No family, no friends, and no prospects in life. In Marc's own words, there is nothing special about him. He spends his nights alone; dreaming about his neighbor, Jacob. The guy so far out [...]