My name is Eliott. I reside on the Old Continent with two dogs and a cat. I am the owner of a squeaky clean, never used degree in IT Management. As you will learn, I ramble sometimes, always… Occasionally I even write something. People say it’s good stuff. And there have been awards in the past to prove it.

I’ve decided not to provide any useful services here, other than you buying my book, but maybe I can interest you in a discussion about existentialism or perhaps a chat about the theory of quantum chromodynamics? No? Recipe for pumpkin cookies. Chocolate chip muffins? How to do something in the easiest way possible?

Fine. Be that way.

Back to business.
There are a couple of people worthy of mentioning here.

My cousin D, who always said I could do it, and I should. He was my supplier of reading material when we were children. The smartest boy I’ve ever met. Also, huge ego. Don’t tell him I said that, he’s my on-call proofreader.

My brother B, who always said I can’t do it. Well, guess what? Ta-da! Don’t tell him I said that either, he’s the one who maintains this website.

My editor Charlie is the boss, words are their superpower and with Charlie’s help, my words became what I always wanted them to be. It is truly an honor to be one of Charlie’s Angels. Also, loves dogs.

And the most important person of all, my rock’n’roll mom. Literally none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for her.
M, gorgeous, this is for you. I miss you.





What happens when you meet the love of your life in your mother’s kitchen, while helping your aunt to hide from her ex?

Rob’s life finished five years ago. Now he’s just waiting for it to end. Safe in his little cocoon, disconnected from everyone, he’s living out the rest of his days. And he’s content with that.

Until one February day life decides to smack him over the head. Again.

Zach’s life is exactly what he thinks he wants it to be. But Mom knows better. Now he just needs to wrap up this funeral business and be on his way. ASAP.

But you can’t run if a broken leg is involved. And would you really want to? Really?

Rob has a secret to tell.

Zach has a kitchen to paint.

Can they figure out what they want before it’s too late? Or will the baggage they lug around end up burying them both?

Oh, and there is a cat. A spoiled, opinionated cat. After all, what is a book without a cat?

Marc is just an ordinary guy, working three jobs and living out his miserable life. No family, no friends, and no prospects in life. In Marc’s own words, there is nothing special about him.
He spends his nights alone; dreaming about his neighbor, Jacob. The guy so far out of his league it’s not even funny.
One chance encounter in the laundry room could change everything.
Could it be that Jacob feels the same? Will Marc act on his desires?
And is Jacob really every Marc’s dream come true?

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My ever-growing list of friends and found family:

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